Trees Company has a long history of involvement with the local community.

… mulch drops

Local schools, council parks and community gardens all benefit from the FREE mulch drops supplied by Trees Company.

Callan Park receives mulch drops from Trees Company to support the dedicated work of the volunteers and the “Bush Regeneration Program”.

… play school

Trees Company was honoured when invited to appear on ABC Play School. Kelly Eedy and crew member Daniel, showed the kids how to “really climb” a tree.

… somewhere to sit

“Rose Cottage” Pre-School was short of seating in their outdoor play area. Trees Company came to the rescue with tiny timber seats cut from the barrel of a tree together with round timber slabs they could use as stepping stones… very popular with the all the kids!!

… in the press

The Sydney Morning Herald and Inner West Courier consulted Kelly Eedy, owner of Trees Company when they ran an article on “Tree Poisoning in the Inner West”.

Kelly gave a good insight into the rise of tree vandalism, the growing trend to remove mature trees to maximize potential for development and the serious, ongoing consequences of poisons leaching into our water table.

… a helpful hawk

Trees Company received an unusual request to assemble a full size, plastic hawk and hang it high in one of the street trees directly in front of a unit block.

Trees Company obliged and the residents no longer have the problem of bird droppings on their cars.

… trees take centre stage

Wesley Centre Set Designer rang Trees Company desperate to find tree props for their new play. The request was… big bunches of branches and lots of them, preferably from different trees, some with leaves and some without and if possible, in varied lengths upto 5 meters. The crew of Trees Company delivered as promised and were rewarded with tickets to their amazing show!

… jewel in a tree

Trees Company were challenged by a request from a Sydney College of the Arts student who wanted to display her graduating jewellery pieces on large blocks of unsual or rare timber. Trees Company were happy to help. The real difficulty was carring the blocks up to the gallery on the top floor.

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